Molly and the Storm

ISBN: 9781848697751
Code: D0190


Molly and the Storm Cover
Molly and her brothers and sister are caught outside in a terrible storm. As the storm rages on, many animals offer their homes as shelter to Molly and her siblings, but their homes are too small. Finally, Molly’s mother catches up to her mice and leads them to an old, hollow oak tree. Once inside, Molly cannot sleep knowing that her friends who so generously offered them space in their homes could be in danger. Molly ventures out into the storm and bravely gathers all of her friends and their families and leads them back to the safety of the oak tree. When morning arrives, the animals creep out of their shelter and are amazed at the beautiful, glittering rainbow that greets them all. Molly smiles as Harvest Mouse says that the rainbow is a special present for Molly, for saving her friends.

Pages: 32 | Ages: 3-5

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